Purified preparations of the golden elderberry strain of cherry leaf roll virus contain two spherical nucleoprotein components with sedimentation coefficients of 115s and 128s. Purification of the components by centrifuging several times through sucrose density gradients decreased their specific infectivity. The original specific infectivity of unfractionated virus was restored by mixing the separated components, indicating that both components are necessary for maximum infectivity. The components were indistinguishable serologically, in their extinction spectra and in their appearance in the electron microscope. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of preparations from each component indicated that both contained a single protein species of 54,000 mol. wt, but that whereas the 115 component contained a RNA molecule of 2.1 × 10 mol. wt the 128 component contained one of 2.4 × 10. These and other properties suggest that cherry leaf roll virus can be considered a member of the nepovirus group. The present cryptogram of the golden elderberry strain is R/1 : 2.1/40 + 2.4/43 : S/S : S/*.


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