The morphological development of African swine fever virus in a line of pig kidney tissue culture cells (PK 13) was described previously (1). In order to confirm earlier information on the type of nucleic acid present in this virus (2), two isolates, -57 (3) and (4), grown in tissue cultures were embedded in glycol methacrylate before treatment with enzymes (5). The methods used were described by Zambernard & Vatter (6) in their study of virus particles described by Lucké (7) in renal tumours of leopared frogs. Infected PK 13 cells in prescription bottles were harvested 48 hr after inoculation at an input multiplicity of approximately 10 plaque forming units (p.f.u.)/cell. Both 10% formalin and 1% glutaraldehyde in Sørenson's buffer pH 7·2, were used for 15 min. fixation at 4° before embedding in glycol methacrylate (6).


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