Salmonella enterica is a human and veterinary pathogen of global importance. Cattle are a key reservoir of S. enterica serotypes that cause non-typhoidal salmonellosis in humans and infections are often acquired via consumption of contaminated food. Salmonella can survive within the bovine lymphatic system and contaminated peripheral lymph nodes often enter the food chain via ground beef production because they are small and deeply embedded in fat, making it impossible to remove them during food production. S. enterica serotypes can also cause acute enteritis and systemic typhoid-like disease in cattle, thereby exerting a significant burden on bovine welfare and productivity. Existing vaccines confer limited serotype-specific protection and a need exists to better understand the host and bacterial factors involved in pathogenesis and protection to inform the design of new vaccines and other intervention strategies. Most of our knowledge about salmonellosis comes from the mouse typhoid model. Here, we sought to understand the effects of infection by Salmonella Dublin, which causes typhoid-like disease in cattle, in its natural host. By infecting cattle with S. Dublin expressing green fluorescent protein and using flow cytometry we have been able to isolate and characterise the bovine cells infected by S. Dublin, study changes in their cell surface marker expression post-infection and compare tropism in the intestine and draining lymph nodes. We have also studied the survival of S. Dublin in the main infected host cell type in vitro using primary cells to determine the consequences of infection on the pathogen itself.

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