Extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli strain CFT073 is a prototypic urosepsis isolate. CFT073 is of serotype O6:K2:H1 and thus has an O-antigen. The wzy gene encodes the O-antigen polymerase Wzy, which catalyses the polymerisation of O subunits into a long chain polysaccharide. A CFT073 Δwzy mutant was constructed using the λ Red recombination system. The lack of O-antigen was confirmed by LPS purification and staining with Pro-Q Emerald 300. CFT073 Δwzy and wild-type CFT073 were tested for their bacteriophage sensitivity. ΦEB49, a member of the Myoviridae, can mediate generalised transduction in strain CFT073. CFT073 Δwzy and wild-type CFT073 mixed with the same concentrations of ΦEB49 phage were compared. Confluent growth was evident on all CFT073 Δwzy plates, whilst lysis was apparent on all CFT073 plates. The inability of ΦEB49 to lyse CFT073 Δwzy suggested that this phage binds to O antigen, hence the decreased O antigen of CFT073 Δwzy, compared to wild-type CFT073, prevented phage lysis from occurring. These data indicate that CFT073 Δwzy is not a susceptible host for ΦEB49.

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