The genes for the proton-translocating nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase from have been cloned using a probe constructed with the polymerase chain reaction, genomic DNA as target and oligonucleotide primers corresponding to amino acid sequence obtained from the purified soluble subunit. There is a cluster of three genes, designated and , whose translation products indicate polypeptides of 384, 139 and 464 amino acids, respectively. This contrasts with the situation in the enzymes from (two polypeptides) and bovine mitochondria (one polypeptide) but there is close similarity between the sequences. PntAA is the soluble subunit of the enzyme from , equivalent to the relatively hydrophilic domain I that forms the N-terminal part of the α polypeptide of transhydrogenase and which probably contains the NAD(H)-binding site. PntAB corresponds to the strongly hydrophobic domain IIa at the C-terminus of the α polypeptide of the transhydrogenase. PntB corresponds to the β polypeptide, which comprises the strongly hydrophobic domain IIb and the relatively hydrophilic domain III, thought to contain the NADP(H)-binding site. The peptide bond between PntAA-Lys237 and -Glu238 of both the denatured and the native soluble subunit is very sensitive to proteolysis by trypsin and the neighbouring peptide bond Lys227-Thr228 to cleavage by the endoproteinase Lys-C. Related sites have been reported to be sensitive to trypsin in the and bovine mitochondrial enzymes. The two tryptic fragments from the native soluble subunit are unable to reconstitute transhydrogenase activity to membranes depleted of the soluble subunit but they can block reconstitution by intact soluble subunit. It is suggested that this protease-sensitive region separates two subdomains and that, after trypsinolysis, at least one retains structural integrity and can dock with domains II and/or III.


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