Summary: When mycelium of , pre-incubated in -[1-C]mannitol such that this is the only major labelled soluble carbohydrate present, absorbs glucose or the non-metabolized sugar 3--methylglucose, there is a specific stimulation of incorporation of C into alkali-insoluble, trichloroacetic-acid-soluble (1 · 4)-α-glucan, probably glycogen. There is also a net increase in the amount of glucan caused by stimulation of synthesis and inhibition of breakdown. Addition of 3--methylglucose results in the loss of mannitol into the medium. This loss and the reduced rate of replenishment from the glucan is important in the osmotic regulation of the hyphae. If osmotic adjustment does not occur, the hyphae do not show the specific incorporation of C into the glucan.


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