SUMMARY: Mitotic mapping in the cellular slime mould was investigated by analysing the gene order and map distances of four genetic markers on linkage group II: (previously reported) and a new spore shape marker The previously suggested gene order has been revised to centromere, , on the basis of the analysis of four different diploids. One class of diploid which was previously thought to arise by mitotic crossing-over between and probably arose by mutation at the locus or by reversion of the locus followed by mitotic crossing-over at another interval. These and other problems associated with mitotic mapping are discussed. Evidence is presented that for a particular class of cross-over diploid (white, temperature-resistant, methanol-resistant) an origin from a single cross-over event is likely rather than a multiple cross-over origin. It is suggested that multiple mitotic cross-overs, on the same arm of a chromosome, are rare in


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