SUMMARY: Paper chromatograms of hydrolysates of 118 micro-organisms were examined in a study of the distribution of α, ε-diaminopimelic acid and other amino-acids. A method for the identification of α, ε-diaminopimelic acid is described. Diaminopimelic acid was found in nearly all the bacteria examined, except for the Gram-positive cocci, spp., and spp. It was also found in blue-green algae but in no other algae, nor in fungi, yeasts, plant viruses, or protozoa.

Each species examined showed a different amino acid composition. β-Alanine and α- and γ-aminobutyric acids were sometimes found, often in several species of the same genus. Seven unidentified ninhydrin-reacting spots were recorded; none of them had the wide distribution of diaminopimelic acid.


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