SUMMARY: Poly(A)-containing RNA was isolated by cellulose column chromatography from total RNA extracted from var. 211/8p. RNA retained by the column was identified as poly(A)-containing RNA because it contained ribonuclease-resistant tracts, 25 to 55 nucleotides in length, from which not less than 80% of base was found to be adenine after acid hydrolysis. The base composition of poly(A)-containing RNA differed from that of RNA (largely ribosomal) which did not adsorb to cellulose, having a higher adenine content and a lower guanine content. Poly(A)-containing RNA was polydisperse including molecules with mobilities from 10S to 40S with a mean of about 20S. In an system derived from wheat-germ, protein synthesis was stimulated by adding poly(A)-containing RNA from Chlorella. Optimum conditions were established in this system with respect to the amount of poly(A)-containing RNA added and the concentration of KC1 and Mg. It is proposed that, in Chlorella, poly(A)-containing RNA includes cytoplasmic mRNA as has been shown for some other eucaryotic organisms.


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