SUMMARY: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) homologies of 57 cultures of with emphasis on those within the so-called Griseus group, were studied in relation to other taxonomic features used for The DNA samples from the 25 species of the Griseus group, which commonly exhibited the 11 features characteristic of ISP 5236, showed homology values ranging from 38 to 104% with the DNA sample from ISP 5236. Among them, five species showed approximately 40% homology value and 19 gave values of 56% or higher. The DNA homologies of 12 streptomycetes which differed from the cultures of the Griseus group in one or two of the 11 selected features were also determined using ISP 5236 DNA.

The genomic Griseus group was divided into six subgroups on the basis of the homology values with reference DNAs from ISP 5236 and ISP 5199. The DNAs of streptomycetes in the largest subgroup were found to be highly homologous to DNA from ISP 5058 located in that subgroup. From the data obtained, the suitability of several diagnostic features as taxonomic criteria are discussed.


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