SUMMARY: When is grown in shaking culture in certain media, two large unicellular forms are produced. The walls isolated from these are similar both qualitatively and quantitatively except for their mannose content, one form containing almost twice the amount as the other (17.5 versus 9.6%). Glucose, the predominant monosaccharide obtained by acid hydrolysis, accounts for more than half (52 to 60%) of the weight of the walls. The remainder is composed of galactose (6%), hexosamine (6%), lipid (8 to 10%), and protein (8 to 10%).

Walls of the unicellular forms contain more glucose and protein than those of the filamentous form, but less hexosamine and lipid. Glusulase releases all of the glucose from walls of the filaments, but only half of the glucose from walls of the unicells.


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