SUMMARY: Of the 49 strains of Trichosporon yeasts studied, 40 were retained in the genus and assigned to 10 species. The others were transferred to the genera and . The DNA base composition was determined for a representative of each Trichosporon species. On the basis of guanine and cytosine content (% GC), the species were arranged into four groups: () about 55 % GC, and about 64 % GC, and 59 % GC, and () 45 % GC, .

For 25 strains of the genus, 81 characteristics were selected for inclusion in a numerical taxonomic analysis with the aid of a computer. The dendrogram of the similarity values arranged these strains into three major branches arising at the 66 % level. Branch I includes and . Branch II is limited to . Branch III includes and . Species arising from branch I at differing S levels are at 68 % at 72 % at 75 % and at 78 % The remaining strains in branch I belong to the group.


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