SUMMARY: The respiratory electron transport system involved in NADPH (2.0 nmoles/ min./mg.) and NADH (1.0 nmoles/min./mg.) oxidation in the dark that was operative in extracts of light-grown has been examined. NADPH oxidation was inhibited 50% by cyanide (2x10m), rotenone (10 m); antimycin A, amytal and azide were markedly less inhibitory. NADPH: ferrocytochrome oxidoreductase, NADPH: menadione oxido-reductase, ferrocytochrome :oxygen oxidoreductase and succinic dehydrogenase were detected. A phosphorylation (0.4 nmoles/min./mg.), associated with NADPH oxidation, was measured, NADPH could be replaced by NADP and isocitrate. This phosphorylation was absolutely dependent upon oxygen and was inhibited 25% by carbonyl cyanide -trifluoromethoxy-phenylhydrazone (5 μM).


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