SUMMARY: and underwent considerable lysis after treatment with tris+EDTA, tris+EDTA+lysozyme or sodium lauryl sulphate. Lysis induced by tris+EDTA or tris+EDTA+lysozyme was completely inhibited by 0·3 -sucrose, 0·15 -NaCl or 0·01 -MgCl. The extent of death after treatment with tris+EDTA depended on EDTA concentration: 10 min. with 10 μg. EDTA/ml. left 43 to 50% of viable and 71 to 75% of . Labelled organisms exhibited maximum leakage of P compounds when exposed to 71% (v/v) ethanol for and 50% (v/v) ethanol for ; leakage in 100% ethanol was about 77% of maximum for and 66% for . Both P labelled and unlabelled vibrios released considerable amounts of nucleic acid, phospholipid, protein and carbohydrate and practically all their acid soluble phosphates with EDTA.


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