SUMMARY: The DNA-RNA hybrid technique of Gillespie & Spiegelman (1965) was used to measure the genetic relatedness among ten different species within the genus and among three of these species and their counterparts within perfect genera. Close relationships were found between (guanine + cytosine content (%GC), 35·1), (%GC, 34·9) and (%GC, 35·7), which showed a relative homology of 63 to 73%, and between (%GC, 54·1) and (%GC, 54·5), relative homology 75%. Very close relationships were seen between the three pairs of perfect and imperfect counterparts, (%GC, 36·8) and (%GC, 36·6), relative homology 81%, (%GC, 40·9) and (%GC, 41·2), relative homology 97%, and (%GC, 41·3) and (%GC, 41·6), relative homology 92%. Some degree of homology (32%) was also found between and . The relatedness between and the seven other Candida species (%GC, 36·6 to 57·6) examined was low, relative homology 4 to 13%. This also applies to (%GC, 34·9).


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