SUMMARY: Diploid conidiospores of are uninucleate and have twice the volume of haploid conidiospores. On the other hand, the hyphae are coenocytic, and it has been found that the dimensions of the hyphal cell are unaffected by ploidy but that diploid cells have half as many nuclei as haploid ones. It is concluded from this that both cessation of growth in cells of fixed size and the timing of mitoses in coencytes are determined by a critical volume of cytoplasm per genome, rather than per nucleus.

In the conidial apparatus, the dimensions of the coenocytic conidiophore, like the hyphae, are unaffected by ploidy, while the uninucleate sterigmata are larger in the diploid. In the case of the primary sterigmata, however, the volume in the diploid is less than twice that in the haploid, suggesting that the mechanism controlling cytoplasmic volume is not fully operative at this stage.


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