SUMMARY: Resistant strains of were obtained by one-step selection on high concentrations of various inhibitors; each strain was mutant in a different gene conferring resistance to actidione (), -fluoro-phenylalanine (), teoquil (), iodoacetate () or malachite green (). Some mutant alleles have been firmly, others tentatively, located. For comparative purposes attempts were made to find instances of multi-step or non-genie increases in resistance to malachite green and to teoquil, by prolonged exposure to low concentrations of inhibitor. No such increases were found.

is fully dominant, is semidominant, , tel and are recessive. confers resistance to acriflavine to about the same degree as the non-allelic but these two mutant alleles do not show additivity. confers resistance to iodoacetate and also suppresses requirement for nicotinic acid (). strains, which are not resistant to fluoroacetate, are able to use acetate as sole carbon source.

Nutritionally balanced heterokaryons, between and sensitive strains, show a gradual (and reversible) increase of the component on increasing actidione concentrations. Ultimately a plateau is reached; this presumably represents the nutritional limits of each particular combination of nutritional markers.


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