SUMMARY: strain 26-26 (a mutant requiring lysine for growth) releases into the medium diaminopimelic acid, lipomucoprotein and nucleotides, including flavins, when grown with suboptimal concentrations of lysine. Cytidine diphosphate glycerol, cytidine diphosphate ribitol and a uridine-linked mucopeptide containing -acetylmuramic acid, glutamic acid, diaminopimelic acid and alanine were identified among the nucleotides extracted from the medium. Similar uridine diphosphate-linked mucopeptides were isolated from extracts made from bacteria at various stages of growth. In addition, uridine diphosphate-linked mucopeptides were isolated from bacterial extracts which were found to contain muramic acid and lysine but no diaminopimelic acid. The possible role of these compounds as precursors of cell wall structures is discussed.


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