SUMMARY: A study has been made of the release of herpes virus (strain HFEM) from solitary HeLa cells which had been infected . Under the conditions used, small amounts of infective virus were released from a few cells as early as 10 hr. after infection. Evidence is given suggesting that such virus is a remnant of the inoculum. A greater proportion of cells released infective virus (considered to be new virus) between 16 and 34 hr. after infection. The results suggest that: () the yield of virus is low (average 13 pock-forming units/cell); () liberation of virus from one cell extends over a period of several hours; () there is some scatter in the time of release by different cells. The proportion of solitary cells liberating virus 28-35 hr. after infection was lower than expected (19-35 %) considering the virus/cell ratios used, but was not affected by treating the cells with herpes antiserum after they had been exposed to virus. This proportion was compared with the proportion of cells able to initiate pocks on the chorioallantois.


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