SUMMARY: A plasmid designated pLPG36 was isolated from the naturally occurring serogroup-1 and purified by CsCl buoyant density centrifugation. A restriction map of this 58 kb plasmid was constructed and provided the basis for cloning four HI fragments into the unique HI site of pUC18. The four recombinant plasmids were investigated for the mobilization function in strains. Only one of these, pFLJ2, was mobilized by the IncP plasmids RP4, pRK231 and R702, but not by plasmids pSa, R40a, R387, pN3 or R16. The derivative plasmid pFLJ2 was mobilized more efficiently by R702 than by RP4 or pRK231. By genetic and deletion analysis, the mobilization region of pLPG36 was located to a 6 kb RI fragment of the plasmid.


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