Pili of TAP13 were purified and characterized. The molecular mass of the pilin was estimated to be about 23 kDa by SDS-PAGE. The TAP13 pili were immunologically different from Ae1 pili and Ae6 W pili as previously reported, nevertheless all three had indistinguishable morphology and shared a high degree of homology in their N-terminal amino acid sequences. Strain TAP13 and its purified pili did not agglutinate human, rabbit or sheep erythrocytes. However, they adhered to rabbit intestine. Organisms pretreated with the Fab fraction of an antipilus antibody failed to adhere to rabbit intestine, and organisms did not adhere to intestine pretreated with purified pili. These results suggest that the pili are a colonization factor of TAP13 for the rabbit intestine.


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