After growth of six strains of mycobacteria on Sauton medium in the absence of added Zn, cell yields were lowered, to between 22% and 67% of the yields obtained when Zn (5 μM) was added. Two immunodominant proteins, named P and P (antigens of 62-65 kDa and 29-33 kDa, respectively) were abundant in culture filtrates after growth of mycobacteria. P was present at elevated concentrations (showing a 9- to 16-fold increase as a percentage of the total protein released) after Zn-deficient growth of five of the six strains studied; in it represented 25% of all released proteins. However, little P was detected in culture filtrates of and of grown under Zn deficiency, and in the latter there was no increase of P during Zn deficiency.


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