Summary: A restriction map of the tellurite-resistance (Te) transposon Tn521 (parent plasmid RP4Te) was prepared. Five sites from RP4Te, including the RI origin, were found in pIN25::Tn521. Tn521 was inserted into a transferable 27.5 kb vector (pCU109) to make three different insertion mutants, in which the size of Tn521 was measured accurately at 4.5 kb. Unlike the Te of IncHI2 plasmids, that of Tn521 in RP4Te was non-inducible. Te was expressed in five widely differing bacterial species to which RP4Te was transferred from Electron micrographs of bacteria expressing the Te of RP4Te, H complex plasmids, and chromosomal mutants, all revealed similar tellurium metal crystallites when the bacteria were grown in potassium tellurite medium. No other Te determinants were found amongst 54 plasmids representing most incompatibility groups (excluding the H complex).


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