SUMMARY: serotype secretes at least three kinds of glucosyltransferase with different enzymological and immunological properties. One of them is a primer-independent enzyme and seems to be the source of primer for the others, both of which are primer-dependent enzymes. Recently, we purified the primer-independent enzyme, the third glucosyltransferase in this group from strain AHT-k serotype In the present study, we examined the specificity of the antiserum against the primer-independent glucosyltransferase using extracellular culture-conditioned fluids of many strains of the various serotypes of The antiserum cross-reacted with the extracellular culture fluids from strains of serotypes and , in addition to serotype , but not with those of other serotypes, indicating that the primer-independent glucosyltransferase is secreted by the and , but not by and The antiserum did not completely inhibit the activity of the enzyme, even at more than twofold antibody excess, determined by indirect precipitation with immobilized staphylococcal protein A.


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