SUMMARY: Plasmid DNA from an avian strain of was purified and estimated to be 7.9 kb in size using restriction endonuclease analysis. A 5.9 kb fragment of this plasmid was cloned, mapped and used to screen a range of chlamydial strains. Hybridizing DNA was absent from ovine abortion and arthritis isolates and also from the Cal 10 strain but related sequences were detected in strains of feline pneumonitis, guinea-pig inclusion conjunctivitis, ovine conjunctivitis and serovar L2. The plasmid DNA from the feline strain was shown to have a distinct restriction endonuclease profile. Similar plasmid sequences were detected in all avian isolates tested: thus the clone may have a useful diagnostic role for the detection of the pathogen in its natural host and in zoonotic episodes.


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