SUMMARY: ATCC 29487 (UASM 495) produces an outer-membrane-associated phosphatase and an excreted phosphatase. The cell-associated enzyme was compared to phosphatases of nine other Gram-negative gliding bacteria and to that of . The other three species of the genus also produce a particulate, cell-associated phosphatase. Antiserum prepared against the phosphatase from the outer membrane of effectively precipitated the phosphatases of two other strains and the enzymes of and . Some inhibition of the enzyme by the antiserum also was observed. No significant reaction could be detected beween the antiserum and the cell-associated phosphatases of species of and the excreted phosphatase of . The results indicate that the four species of the genus are closely related despite their physiological differences and that the outer-membrane-associated phosphatases of these organisms have different structural characteristics than the phosphatases of the other Gramnegative bacteria that were used. Furthermore, differences in the amino acid compositions of the cell-associated and the excreted phosphatase of confirm the immunological results and are in agreement with the physical and chemical differences noted between the two enzymes.


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