SUMMARY: An IgM mouse monoclonal antibody (McAb) Bf4 was produced to a surface polysaccharide of NCTC 9343. Immunoblotting showed that McAb Bf4 reacted strongly with a high molecular mass structure which was sensitive to oxidation with periodate but resisted protease treatment. An inhibition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) indicated that McAb Bf4 did not cross react with the sixteen species and strains tested. Cells of NCTC 9343 recovered from the various interfaces of a Percoll discontinuous density gradient were tested in the inhibition ELISA. Bacteria from the 0-20%, 20-40% and 40-60% interfaces inhibited the ELISA; however, cells from the 60-80% interface did not. Electron microscopy with immunogold labelling showed that McAb Bf4 did not react with the extracellular fibrous network on bacteria recovered from the 0-20% interface, or the extracellular electron dense layer on cells from the 60-80% interface; however, it was associated with a surface structure on cells from the 20-40% interface. Growth did not enrich for bacteria with this structure.


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