SUMMARY: The participation of glutaminase activity in glutamine degradation was studied in a wild-type strain (S288C) of Evidence is presented that this strain has two glutaminase activities, a readily extractable form (glutaminase B) and a membrane-bound enzyme (glutaminase A). Glutaminase A and B activities could also be distinguished by their thermostability, pyruvate sensitivity and pH optimum. Glutaminase B activity was negatively modulated by some 2-oxo acids, and pyruvate accumulation inhibited this activity. A mutant strain (CN10) with an altered glutaminase B activity was isolated and partially characterized. Its glutaminase B activity was more sensitive to inhibition by pyruvate and 2-oxoglutarate than the wild type, thus resulting in inactivation of this enzyme The physiological role of glutaminase activity is discussed with regard to the phenotype shown by the mutant strain.


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