SUMMARY: Crude cell extracts of the fission yeast (strains NCYC 132 and 972h) can phosphorylate dihydroxyacetone but not glycerol; activity for -glyceraldehyde is very low. This suggests that a specific dihydroxyacetone kinase is present and catalyses the second step in a pathway for glycerol utilization, in which the initial step is an oxidation by an NAD-linked glycerol dehydrogenase. In support of this pathway (glycerol→ dihydroxyacetone → dihydroxyacetone phosphate), both strains can utilize glycerol or dihydroxyacetone. but not -glyceraldehyde, as growth substrates. Both enzymes are subject to catabolite repression and may also be inducible but are not co-ordinately regulated.


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