Summary: One hundred and thirty actinomycetes representing 19 genera and 50 species were compared in a numerical phenetic survey using 108 unit characters. Data were examined using the simple matching (S), Jaccard (S) and pattern (D) coefficients and clustering was achieved using both the single and unweighted pair group average algorithms. Cluster composition was barely affected by the statistics used or by test error, estimated at 2·1%. Over 80% of the strains were assigned to 21 clusters containing between two and 25 organisms. Most of the clusters were distinct and homogeneous though two were divided into subclusters. Some of the clusters and subclusters were equated with the established taxa spp., spp., spp., spp., spp., and ‘’. The numerical data, together with results from previous chemical and genetical studies, provide sufficient evidence for the transfer of to as comb. nov.


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