The state of inorganic pyrophosphatase (EC from ATCC 8043 was studied in different phases of batch culture. The degree of inactivation (i.e. the ratio of activities observed before and after incubation at 37 C without cysteine) was highest, and the degree of activation (i.e. the ratio of activities after and before incubation in the presence of cysteine) was lowest, in samples taken during the early-exponential growth phase. During the various phases of batch culture, the specific activity before incubation and the degree of inactivation changed in parallel, whereas the specific activity observed after incubation remained nearly constant. During the early-exponential phase of growth almost all the enzyme was in the high-activity form, whereas during the stationary phase the highly active and the less active forms existed in equal amounts. These findings suggest that inorganic pyrophosphatase in is synthesized constitutively and is primarily regulated at the level of activity.


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