Phage S13, a small phage active against a strain of , had a latent period of 20 min. on this host. Intracellular phage multiplication was detected only toward the end of the latent period. Photo-reactivation of ultraviolet irradiated phage occurred, but the inactivated phage did not kill its host. More than 1600 compounds were tested for ability to prevent growth of phage S13 on at concentrations allowing growth of the bacterium, but only thirteen were active. Seven of these compounds were examined further; none affected free S13 phage or the adsorption of S13 phage to its host. The only compound investigated in detail, 4:4-bis-(2-dihydroglyoxalinyl) stilbene dihydrochloride, inhibited both early and late, but probably not intermediate, stages in the intracellular development of S13 phage. This was different from the action of this compound on T1 phage. No relationship was found between structure and action against phage, nor between compounds active against S13 phage and those active against larger phages.


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