SUMMARY: The abomasums of three very young calves and two kids, of which all, save one suckled kid, had been fed on milk by bottle, were found to be supporting large populations of lactobacilli of both homo- and heterofermentative types. The heterofermentative organisms in every instance corresponded in fermentation reactions to and was also found in one calf's rumen. The single homofermentative strain isolated from a calf was very near to in fermentation reactions. The kid abomasum homofermentative isolates all seemed to belong to a new and unusual variety of (var. It was anxiolytic, insensitive to aureomycin, and hydrolysed aesculin.

The rumen and abomasum of the young calf contained an atypical variety of amylolytic streptococcus, differing from the typical of the adult rumen in being non-haemolytic and in fermenting mannitol. The typical rumen is sometimes truly iodophilic. These rumen and abomasum streptococci and lactobacilli are probably not introduced via the milk.


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