One hundred and fifty-six strains, marker strains of related taxa, and related isolates from bagasse and fodder were the subject of numerical phenetic analyses using 90 unit characters. The data were examined using the simple matching ( ), Jaccard ( ) and pattern ( ) coefficients and clustering was achieved using both single and average linkage algorithms. Cluster composition was not markedly affected either by the coefficient or clustering algorithms used or by test error, estimated at 4.5 %. and formed good taxospecies, but the separation of strains into two clusters by and analysis requires further study. The single representatives of seemed to form new centres of variation while showed much similarity with . Most of the isolates from bagasse and fodder were recovered in two well-defined phena, provisionally labelled clusters ‘A’ and ‘B’ which showed little similarity to either strains. The effect of the different coefficients on the aggregation of clusters is discussed.


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