Summary: The immunoglobulin fraction of antiserum prepared against a homogeneous preparation of 3-carboxymuconate cyclase from l6 was used to study the serological relatedness of the enzyme in crude extracts of other fungi. Immunodiffusion and immmuno-electrophoresis experiments confirmed the homogeneity of the pure l6 cyclase, its serological identity with the same enzyme in other strains of and the complete absence of any cross-reaction with the analogous 3-carboxymuconate cycloisomerase from and Extensive cross-reactions were observed with the cyclases from other species of and When such cross-reactions were examined quantitatively by the precipitin technique, several genera believed to be taxo-nomically related to and on morphological grounds showed cross-reacting cyclases. Within the genera there was a broad correlation of serological relationships with morphological subdivisions. These correlations were considerably better than can be achieved by determinations of DNA base compositions because most of the genera examined have GC ratios of 50 to 55 mol%. Crude extracts of two taxonomically unrelated Basidiomycetes showed no serological relatedness to the antisera.


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