Candida ID is a new chromogenic medium for the identification of yeasts from clinical specimens. produces blue pigmentation, whereas pink pigmentation is produced by , , and ; other species appear white. In this study, 240 clinical samples (throat swabs and stool samples) from haematology patients were inoculated on to Candida ID and Sabouraud-chloramphenicol agar in parallel, yielding a total of 105 yeasts; the media had overall detection rates of 85.7% and 86.7% respectively. The sensitivity of Candida ID for identification of by blue pigmentation was 52.9% at 24 h and 94.1% at 48 h. Specificity of the blue pigmentation was 100% at 48 h. Two strains of were identified, one produced pink pigmentation at 72 h, the other strain did not produce any pigmentation after 5 days. Candida ID was superior in detecting mixtures of yeasts compared with Sabouraud-chloramphenicol agar. Candida ID is a suitable primary isolation medium for yeasts from clinical specimens, providing rapid direct identification of and enhanced detection of mixtures.


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