We report here the first full-length sequence of the eight ssRNA genome segments of the infectious salmon anemia virus (ISAV, Glesvaer/2/90 isolate), a salmonid orthomyxovirus-like. Comparison of ISAV genome sequence with those of others orthomyxovirus reveals low identity values, and a remarkable feature is the extremely long 5′ end UTR of ISAV segments, which all contain an additional conserved motif of unknown function. In addition to the genome nucleotide sequence determination, specific mAbs have been produced through mice immunization with sucrose-purified ISAV. Four mAbs directed against the haemagglutinin-esterase glycoprotein, the nucleoprotein and free or actin-associated forms of the matrix protein have been characterized by (i) indirect fluorescent antibody test; (ii) virus neutralization; (iii) radioimmunoprecipitation and (iv) Western blot assays. These mAbs will potentially be useful for the development of new diagnostic tests, and the nucleotide sequences will help to establish a reverse genetics system for ISAV.


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vol. , part 3, pp. 528 - 533

Genomic segments and encoded proteins of ISAV versus IAV

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