The Virus Group of the Society for General Microbiology will meet at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School on 5 and 6 January 1971. The first day will be a symposium on ‘Virus-induced changes in host cells’, with the following invited speakers:

Dr P. Helena Makela, Central Public Health Laboratory, Helsinki. ‘Phage-induced thanges in host cell surface structure.’

Dr D. A. McCarthy, Queen Mary College, London. ‘Virus-induced changes in plant cells.’

Dr I. A. Macpherson, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London. ‘Transformation of animal cells by tumour viruses.’

Dr J. D. Pitts, Department of Biochemistry, University of Glasgow. ‘Enzyme induction by DNA-containing animal viruses.’

Dr H. Schulte-Holthausen, Würzburg, Germany. ‘Epstein—Barr virus DNA in Burkit tumour cells.’

Chairman—Dr H. G. Pereira

6 January will be a day of contributed papers related to the theme of the symposium.


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