Antisera prepared in rabbits against strains of tobacco necrosis virus (TNV) or satellite virus (SV) were most specific in precipitation tube tests when animals were bled after single intravenous injections. In Ouchterlony tests, antisera remained equally specific after further injections, including one intramuscular injection. However, all antisera and both test methods agreed in placing the eight strains of TNV tested in two distinctive groups or serotypes. The three strains of SV tested differed as much antigenically from one another as did strains of the two serotypes of TNV, although SV and SV were more closely related to each other than to SV.

Some strains of TNV aid the multiplication of SV and SV but not of SV; others aid SV but not SV or SV. The ability of different strains of TNV to aid the multiplication of the three strains of SV is correlated with their ability to infect tobacco and bean plants, but not their serological relationship.


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