Studies on the three major adenovirus structural antigens, designated (a base plus a fibre) and fibres (Ginsberg 1966), have been reviewed extensively (Norrby, 1968; Schlesinger, 1969). The availability of purified preparations of hexon, fibre and whole penton has made the physicochemical and immunological characterization of these virus components possible. However, the properties of the penton base, a component also known to be synthesized independently in infected cells, have received relatively little attention, mainly because of the lack of a method for its purification. Present information on the properties of the penton base is derived from analytical data on partially purified materials or from the study of whole penton (Pettersson & Hoglund, 1969; Wadell & Norrby, 1969). In the present report we describe a simple method for the preparation of physicochemically and immunologically pure adenovirus type 5 (ad. 5) penton base.


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