In order to map antigenically important regions of glycoprotein B (gB) of pseudorabies virus (PrV), a panel of recombinant fragments of gB expressed in E. coli and truncated fragments of gB generated by cleavage of purified native gB with trypsin and cyanogen bromide was analysed by using 26 monoclonal antibodies directed against gB. Three continuous epitopes were localized in the vicinity of the N terminus of gB, between amino acids (aa) 59 and 126. One continuous epitope mapped between residues 214 and 279. The residues involved in the assembly of eight discontinuous epitopes were located between aa 540 and 734. The constituents of two discontinuous epitopes were harboured in a segment encompassing aa 540-646. The clustering of continuous epitopes at the extreme N terminus of PrV gB and the locations of residues involved in the assembly of discontinuous epitopes of PrV gB are in good agreement with data on epitope locations in gB homologues from other herpesviruses.


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Distribution of B-cell epitopes on the pseudorabies virus glycoprotein B

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