Red clover vein mosaic virus (RCVMV) was compared with other viruses, in particular white clover mosaic virus (WCMV) and clover yellow vein virus (CYVV). All three have filamentous particles, those of RCVMV are 645 nm. long and have a sedimentation coefficient of 160, those of WCMV are 460 nm. long (119), and those of CYVV between 700 nm. and 800 nm. long (about 140). RCVMV and WCMV contain about 6% ribonucleic acid with nucleotide compositions of G31.5, A24.1, C22.7, U21.7 and G15.5, A31.8, C26.9 and U25.7% respectively. RCVMV is distantly serologically related to five viruses of the potato virus S group, CYVV to eight viruses of the potato virus Y group, and WCMV to potato virus X.

RCVMV is photoreactivable; after exposure to ultraviolet radiation, preparations of the virus caused more lesions in when the inoculated plants were kept in the light than in darkness; this is the first virus with seemingly rigid helically constructed particles to show photoreactivation.


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