The role of the 3' noncoding (NC) region of Physalis mottle tymovirus genomic RNA in the multiplication of the virus was examined using an in vivo protoplast assay system. Coat protein (CP) synthesis was specifically inhibited by sense 3' NC region transcripts. To establish the role of the pseudoknot structure present in the NC region in virus multiplication, four site-specific mutants, two of which disrupted the pseudoknot structure while the other two restored the structure, were constructed. Interestingly, none of the four sense mutant transcripts inhibited CP synthesis, suggesting that the specific sequence representing the 3' terminal pseudoknot structure may play an important role in virus multiplication. However, the wild-type antisense 3' NC transcript as well as the four antisense mutant transcripts inhibited CP synthesis, suggesting that the inhibitions by antisense transcripts could be due to the formation of RNA-RNA hybrids at the 3' end of the genomic RNA.


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