Clones of two subgroup III geminiviruses, the common strain of tomato golden mosaic virus (csTGMV) and African cassava mosaic virus originating from Kenya (ACMV-K), were shown to be non-transmissible by whitefiles. Lack of transmissibility of cloned ACMV-K was investigated by exchanging genomic components with a whitefly-transmissible ACMV isolate from Nigeria (ACMV-NOg). Neither pseudorecombinant was transmissible, indicating that defects in both genomic components contributed to the lack of transmissibility. Analysis of the acquisition of the pseudorecombinats by Bemisia tabaci indicated that accumulation of virus within the insect was DNA B dependent. Return of virus to plants was determined by DNA A, although the coat protein was essential for acquisition. Repeated passaging of both the wild strain of ACMV-NOg and the cloned virus led to loss of insect transmissibility of the wild isolate but not the cloned virus. Products encoded on both genomic components are required for transmission of bipartite geminiviruses by B. tabaci.


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