The infectivity of several monomeric clones of pepper huasteco virus was investigated. All clones were infectious when inoculated excised from the plasmid DNA. However, only certain clones were infectious when inoculated in the non-excised form. Constructs in which the cloning site lies inside regions or genes involved in replication (e.g. Rep-binding site, rep and AC2-AC3 genes) were not infectious, whereas constructs in which the site was located inside the CP or BC1 genes were infectious. A clone that interrupts the BV1 gene was not infectious suggesting an early of BV1 during the establishment of the infection. Linear viral clones containing different DNA fragments at both extremes were also infectious although with a lower efficiency. Analysis of the progeny suggested a precise excision mechanism since in most cases only wild type virus was recovered. The results suggest that excision could be linked to replication through a very specific recombination process.


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