The interaction of influenza virus NS1 protein with other viral products in the infected cell was analysed by co-immunoprecipitation studies. The three subunits of the polymerase and the nucleoprotein, but not M1 protein, were co-immunoprecipitated by NS1-specific serum but not when control serum was used. Such co-immunoprecipitation was not sensitive to RNase treatment of the immunoprecipitates. Co-immunoprecipitation was also obtained when the viral transcription-replication system was reconstituted in vivo by transfection of cDNAs and model vRNA template into vaccinia virus-T7-infected cells. Analysis of the RNA pulled-down in the NS1-specific precipitates indicated the presence of both vRNA and mRNA. These results are discussed in the context of the phenotype of virus temperature-sensitive mutants affected in the NS1 gene.


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