Intertypic vaccine/vaccine recombinant polioviruses are frequently isolated from vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis cases (VAPP). We identified a vaccine/nonvaccine poliovirus recombinant as the causative agent of a lethal VAPP. Partial RNA sequencing revealed a tripartite recombinant structure of the viral genome. This consisted of a central capsid core of vaccine origin flanked by two units of nonvaccine origin. The first nonvaccine genomic unit spanned the whole 5′ noncoding region, and the second one almost the entire nonstructural protein-coding region and the 3′ non-coding region. Amino acid and nucleotide sequence similarities in the 3′ and 5′ unidentified regions indicated that the viral donor(s) were poliovirus species, suggesting recombination between a vaccine-derived and a wild poliovirus. The nonvaccine donor(s) could not be identified among the investigated wild polioviruses co-circulating in the same geographical area. This is the first report of a natural recombination event occurring in the 5′ genomic extremity of poliovirus. The neurovirulence for transgenic mice and the pathogenicity for humans of the recombinant suggested that the modular genomic organization of this virus might have conferred a selective advantage over its vaccine parent.


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