Mutational analysis of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) long terminal repeat (LTR) revealed a novel cis-acting positive and a negative regulatory element in the U3 region, located upstream of the enhancer-promoter region. These elements acted in a cell type-specific manner, being most active in human lymphocytic CEM cells, more active in Jurkat cells than in human monocytic U937 cells and least active in epithelioid HeLa cells. The down-modulatory effect of the negative regulatory element was abolished by HIV-2 Tat, suggesting the involvement of upstream DNA elements in optimal Tat-mediated trans-activation. The sequence elements that respond to T cell activation signals were also located in the upstream U3 region. Notably, the magnitude of the effect of the upstream regulatory elements depended on the basal activity of the LTR, which was also cell type-dependent. This emphasizes the importance of the cell-specific transcriptional factors and other effectors in regulating HIV gene expression. These observations may be relevant to the cell type-specific restriction of virus replication .


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