Enhancin, an infectivity-enhancing protein from granulosis virus (TnGV) was tested for its ability to increase multiple nucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) infection in the larvae of four lepidopteran insects. Enhancin increased the mortality of AcMNPV infection in all the four insect species tested. Peritrophic membrane (PM) assays showed altered protein profiles in PMs treated with enhancin in all the four species. This supports the hypothesis that enhancin affects virus infection by altering the structural integrity of the PMs. The binding of enhancin to the midgut brush border membranes (BBMs) was determined and specific binding sites were found on the BBM of . No specific binding sites were found on the BBMs of or . Therefore, specific binding of enhancin to the midgut cell membrane may not be necessary for the enhancement of baculovirus infection in insects.


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