Three linear antigenic regions on the P protein from human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) subgroup A (strain A2) were represented by peptides that reacted with monoclonal antibodies and with sera from humans with recent or previous RSV infection. The determinants were localized within three hydrophilic regions of the P protein: Pro to Asp, Ser to Lys and Glu to Phe. The role of individual amino acids in the epitopes defined by monoclonal antibodies was determined. Two monoclonal antibodies reacting with the same antigenic site were found to detect epitopes that had different amino acid dependencies. Rabbit hyperimmune sera raised against selected peptides specifically precipitated different forms of the P protein from RSV-infected S-labelled cell extracts in a radioimmune precipitation assay. These findings have implications for forthcoming structural-functional studies of RSV capsid component interactions and also for serological diagnosis of RSV infection.


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